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What is a Voice Authorization and when would I have to obtain one?

In very rare incidents you may receive a call center or other similar message on your terminal.  These occur when there is a chance there could be a problem with the transaction you are attempting to authorize.  It usually means that your customer is behaving outside the norm of her usual spending patterns.  For example, she might be on vacation and actually live in an area far away from your business or this may be a larger than normal purchase.  Her Bank just wants to ask her some questions to insure she is the true cardholder and that the transaction is safe for her and you as the business.  

You may also just need to obtain an authorization when your terminal is not working.  Call the voice authorization center at (800) 291-4840 and follow the prompts to either obtain your approval number or decline.  Be sure to record the approval number so you can Force or Offline the sale into your terminal later so you will be paid.  When your terminal prompts you for the authorization code number enter the number the voice authorization center provided.