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What are a few things I can do to reduce my risk of chargebacks?

Ten ways to reduce chargebacks:

  1. If your business is in Indiana and you get a large phone order from someone in California that you don't know, it is most likely fraud.
  2. Swipe magnetic stripe cards, insert EMV cards, get signatures and authorizations.
  3. Respond quickly to requests for transaction copies (Retrieval Requests)
  4. Issue credit / refunds quickly.
  5. Avoid duplicate transactions
  6. Cancel recurring transactions when asked.
  7. Get signed proof of delivery when shipping goods to your customer's billing address.
  8. Don’t continue with an authorization after the card has been declined.
  9. Resolve disputes with the customer early. Make sure the customer has a clear understanding of your return policy.
  10. Make sure the embossed numbers on the card match the printed receipt.